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YouTube Observations #6 - 12 Lessons Learned in 2 Years on YouTube

So it’s now been just over two years that I’ve been making videos on YouTube. Seriously, where does the time go?! Between teaching, finishing my PhD, traveling, and trying to have a social life (I said trying, not succeeding) balancing all of that plus a YouTube channel has definitely been a neat trick. I’ve done better at some times than others. During the dissertation process I eventually realized I had to cut my uploads down to only twice a week and that was a really hard decision. But I’ve always known consistency is the biggest key to success on YouTube and I decided I’d rather be consistent with twice a week uploads than inconsistent with three times a week uploads. Last year, at the time of my 1 year anniversary on YouTube I wrote a post about all the lessons learned in one year on YouTube. All the tips and advice I gave in that post still stand, so the tips in this post are more of a followup and are a little more personal and/or more of the little things that you don’t notice…

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